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Small Business Branding Program

Our Small Business Branding Program helps up-and-coming entrepreneurs jump-start their business by assisting them with their online marketing presence, as well as personalized merchandise and other custom printed items. Led by Yash Talwar, our in-house marketing consultant, we help clients expand the horizons and capabilities of their business. We are able to extend our clients' online marketing presence by staying up to date on the latest market trends. 

Logo Design

Saba Tabatabai, our Graphic Designer, helps new entrepreneurs develop a logo for their business. Her knowledge of modern design and her experience in the industry make her one of the best designers available.


Using social media, as well as other online avenues, Yash Talwar, our Marketing Consultant, helps small businesses create the most impactful and cost-effective advertisements. With this option, we guarantee an increase in website/social media traffic.

Social Media

Social media is the norm in today's business world. Businesses without Social Media are almost always at a disadvantage. However, most business owners do not have the time or knowledge of social media to create effective profiles for their business. Our entire TrainKicks team is young and up to date on all social media trends and markets, making social media quick and easy for small businesses. We enable clients to get off on the right foot to attract a substantive following.

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Website Design

In collaboration with Yash Talwar's team from Y&S Consulting, our clients are granted exclusive access to the website building services of Y&S Consulting. Websites are entirely personalized to fit their business, and most importantly, they are modern and original. Clients will benefit from a fully functional website, as well as a "Google Business" profile created by the Y&S Team, which greatly increases website and social media traffic, generated by boosted search results on Google.

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Logo Clothing

Looking professional is the one of the first steps towards success. Designed and created by Andrew Urrutia, TrainKicks provides clients with custom designed merchandise to represent their business. TrainKicks is different than any other merch. provider because of our unmatched flexibility. We personally work with clients to corroborate the best placement, size, design, and color options for their merchandise: something that no other merchandise provider can offer without demanding ridiculous minimum quantities. In addition, from polos to hoodies to t-shirts, the clothing options are almost endless!

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Logo Printing 

Put your logo all over your business supplies. Just like our logo clothing service, the possibilities of our logo printing service are almost endless. Our custom decals can be used on cars, laptops, doors, and more. We can also screen print logos and designs to other items, such as tablecloths, or pillow cases. With customizable sizes, colors, and designs, you can't go wrong with TrainKicks logo printing services.

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